Thirty of our Cochrane Reviews have been used in global guideline development

  • WHO Technical Expert Group on Malaria Chemotherapy: we provided Cochrane Reviews and GRADE summaries in 15 topic areas in 2014, used by the committee in the guidelines to be published in 2015. 
  • Iron supplementation in malarial areas: there has been a long standing debate as to whether iron supplements do harm. Our Cochrane review has been pivotal in correcting the beliefs, and in the recent WHO Guidelines on daily iron supplementation in infants and children published in 2016. This review is important as it means that health workers have an unequivocal message that iron supplementation is safe in malaria areas-particularly important as these are areas where anaemia is extremely comon. 
  • Use of rotavirus vaccine in developing countries: the Cochrane Review and an associated review helped provide evidence to support the investment and roll out of the vaccine in Africa.