School of Public Health, Fudan University

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Xu Qian 

Main interests  

Updating Cochrane systematic reviews in reproductive health; and disseminate health evidences of reproductive health to grass-root audience and community health providers through innovative media approaches. 

Consortium work areas 

  • Involvement of experts on reproductive health and family planning areas of China;
  • Rewriting the health evidence to plain language and disseminating the information to grass-root people and health providers;
  • Capacity building of team members on making health evidence;
  • The comprehensive topics of disseminated evidences, including perinatal care, early child health care, family planning, menopause health care. 

Current projects  

  • Updating Cochrane Review “Episiotomy for vaginal birth”.
  • Publishing evidence of reproductive health on journal special column every month.
  • Producing monthly health blog paper.
  • Producing quarterly health prescriptions. 
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Professor Xu Qian

Director of the Department of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

Director of the Global Health Institute

Professor Linan Cheng


Hong Jiang               

Associate Professor

Mengqi Chen

Master student, Department of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

Professor Qian research focuses on effective health care in maternal and child (MCH). Since 1996, she has been the Vice Chairwoman of the Committee of Women's Health Care Society in Chinese Preventive Medicine Association. Since 2012, Prof. Qian has been a member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group at WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research.



Professor Cheng has vast experience in research and clinical practice of reproductive health. She is the former Director of the Centre for Clinical Research and Training at the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research (SIPPR).

Currently, she is the Fellow honoris causa of RCOG, member of International Committee for Contraception Research, member of the Asia Pacific Council on Contraception, Vice president of the China Contraception Consortium, and the former Chairwoman of the Chinese Family Planning Association, also the editor of many scientific journals, such as the WHO Reproductive Health Library.

Dr. Jiang's research interest is the maternal and child health (MCH) care and the effective MCH service for women and children.