Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group

Lead people

Dr Deirdre Walshe 
Paul Garner

Main interests

The CIDG’s main areas of work are on determination of the effects of interventions on the prevention or treatment infectious diseases of relevance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and neglected tropical diseases in low- and middle-income countries. The aims of the CIDG are to impact on policy and research in tropical diseases through the production of high quality and relevant systematic reviews, and to lead developments in review quality improvement and effective dissemination of findings.

Consortium work areas 

  • Over 200 active authors from around the world currently preparing or updating Cochrane systematic reviews.
  • Editorial team including 22 international Editors, Managing Editor, Assistant Managing Editor, Co-ordinating Editor, statistical expertise, Information Specialist, copy-editor, Editorial Assistants, and Specialist Advisors.
  • Training and support for author teams in preparing and updating reviews, and methodological help in all aspects of research synthesis, including preparing 'Summary of findings' tables.

Current main projects 

  • WHO Malaria Treatment Guidelines: we are working with Cochrane authors and the WHO Malaria Chemotherapy Expert Group to update the WHO Global Guidelines. We are preparing Cochrane Reviews and GRADE tables. Due for publication 2015.
  • Cochrane Deworming review update: we are working with the authorship team to complete the update of the Cochrane review of routine deworming of schoolchildren. Due for publication 2015.
  • Extra-pulmonary TB guidelines: we are assisting the Government of India, AIMS and other stakeholders in preparing national evidence based guidelines. Work commencing in 2015.
  • We have around 30 reviews and protocols in editorial process at any given time, and prioritize reviews according to our strategic plan.

Consortium staff and affiliates 


Paul Garner
Co-ordinating Editor         

 Deirdre Walshe
 Managing Editor



Christianne Esparza


Philomena Hinds

Editorial Assistant

Vittoria Lutje

Information Specialist

Marty Richardson