South Africa Partners


Cochrane South Africa, South African Medical Research Council 

Centre for Evidence-Based Health Care,
Stellenbosch University  









Lead people

Taryn YoungCentre for Evidence-based Health Care and Cochrane South Africa

Tamara Kredo, Cochrane South Africa

Main interests

  • Preparing and conducting systematic reviews.
  • Training and supporting systematic review author team.
  • Promoting the use of systematic reviews by researchers, clinicians, guideline development teams, and policymakers.  

Consortium work areas 

  • Conducting and supporting relevant robust Cochrane and non-Cochrane systematic reviews.
  • Engaging decision makers and influencing policies in TB, HIV, nutrition, and essential drugs.
  • Provincial health staff demanding, accessing, and using evidence synthesis in their decision making (proof of concept project in one province in Cameroon and one in South Africa).

Current projects 

  • Reviews: we have an active review portfolio covering topics of relevance to the African region.
  • Influencing provincial, national and international guidelines: we are working with the South African National Department of Health on the National Obesity strategy and engaging on the essential drug list development process. We also worked with the Tuberculosis directorate to provide evidence synthesis to inform policy development.
  • Capacity development: we offer fellowships for systematic review authors to have time out to work on their reviews. We also work with guideline developers, researchers, and clinicians to enhance their capacity to find, interpret, and consider the use of systematic reviews.

Consortium staff 

Professor Taryn Young, 
CEBHC Director
Professor Charles Shey, 
Cochrane South Africa               
Dr Tamara Kredo,
Senior Specialist Scientist,
Cochrane South Africa
Dr Celeste Naude,
CEBHC Senior Researcher             
Dr Eleanor Ochodo,
CEBHC Senior Researcher
Anke Rohwer,
CEBHC Researcher
Traci Naidoo,
CEBHC Project Manager

Joy Oliver, 
Chief Officer
Cochrane South Africa
Solange Durão, 
Senior Scientist
Cochrane South Africa
Lindi Mathebula,
Cochrane South Africa
Ameer Hohlfeld,
Cochrane South Africa


Ingrid Eshun-Wilsonova,
CEBHC Researcher and Editor
Nosicelo Mchiza,
Senior Administrative Officer
Cochrane South Africa
Michelle Galloway,
Communications Officer
Cochrane South Africa